Artis Looking Glass

We spent 12 years and $30 million to study how humans process, pass and propagate information on the internet and social media. The power is now in the hands of advertising and brand managers.

Brand Development

We support brand development for individuals, companies, groups and governments.

Truth Over Falsehood

The Internet and Social Media is full of dis/mis-information. We are committed to truth over falsehood, which gives power back to those who care about the perception of their brand.

Innovative solutions
for your advertising projects

See more through Forensic Tools that define market segments. Message Generators allow for you to respond to dis/mis-information in real-time with the truth. Artificial Intelligence works for the brand. Receive alerts when messages related to the brand go viral.

“Artis Looking Glass is Revolutionizing the advertising space. Market capture and brand enhancement has never been more achievable.”

Mihai Toma, President, WG Henschen